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An amazing workshop just finished up– holy wow– Soul Reclamation. Like with so much that I do– I am doing it too– I am not done, I am not finished, I have not “evolved” beyond the work– the work is what helps me keep evolving.  The questions I raise in myself are those I put down and out for workshops, and this one was seriously fabulously intense and growth-inducing for me. I watched my own need to control wrestle with my own need to release, inwardly, outwardly. What a lovely experience of watching a process play itself out on my own home turf, me vs me.

So my official part is over– all prompts delivered.  Now, just needing to create one pdf of all the content for folks who signed up.  But really, this is so not over. There is such depth to this work, of welcoming our parts and pieces, the comfortable ones and the ouchie ones.  The scared ones, the hurt ones, the shamed and ashamed ones…

mmm. Breathing this all in and feeling powerfully wowed by the work I am so honored to witness.

reminder, Soul Reclamation

I’m running an awesome journaling workshop this coming weekend!  Check it out, pass it along, and sign up if it seems like a good fit!

Check it out here!

Online Journaling Workshop!

Soul Reclamation

Coming up on June 3,4 &5  (or download to do when you wish)– I’m excited to be offering a guided journaling workshop!

This is about reclaiming parts of ourselves, long misplaced, buried, forgotten.
This is about inviting ourselves to feel more whole.
This is about mindfulness and presence, awareness, and forgiveness and shame-release.
This is about letting go, even a little, of our fierce grip on some of what keeps us from being able to move forward into who we are becoming.

** 5 guided journaling exercises posted on a private page on my website over the course of 3 days.
** Each exercise could take as little as 10-minutes
** “ Journaling“ could mean writing or not, art or not, but something “external”, not inside your head, usually works best.
** Participate in real time or download for later.
** A totally optional private, temporary, Facebook group (prompts will be posted there too)
** Sliding scale. 0-$20 via paypal .

This is intimate work, and to make it work as well as we can, we will not be sharing the content of our journals. We can talk about process, feelings, context, but the privacy or our writing or other forms of expression is to allow more complete freedom and unselfconsciousness of both exploration and expression.

This may be for you if you are feeling ready to let go of some old shit, while staying safe, present and mindful.
But this is not for you if you feel at any time it’s not for you. Yes, it is that simple. Trust you. Trust you. Trust you.

+++>      This event has passed and it was awesome.  Interested in learning about upcoming workshops? Sign up for my mailing list!

otherness and the wild dark

“I wish I had a clever name for this, this blue funk that happens just after a mild rush toward selfness. I get this feeling of AH, things are Coming Together, and that is often followed by a time of increased tenderness, increased feelings of loneliness, of otherness, of oddness… of being outside myself a little…

as if, in the act of centering, i slingshot myself out again into the wild dark.”  I wonder, does this happen to you too?



Thanks to a note from a sweet soul I connected with long ago, I came to realize that I’ve been away from this space for so long it felt abandoned! It felt much shorter, like I would be back any minute. Funny how that happens. Since last I stopped in, I’ve been painting and showing my paintings. I have been both grateful and saddened by the reception of my book about grieving. When it sells I feel so sad that someone needs it. I am writing another that will feel like joy to share, and the writing is happening in fits and starts, slowly slowly slowly.  Mostly though, I have been busy parenting and partnering, and busy too with my consulting work, full up and full throttle for companies in various forms of transition. And now here I am….finally after all this time–  quickly updating while the oven heats up, non metaphorically, and wondering what role I want this space to play.  Yes, I want to run another journaling workshop, and I know a springtime campfire gathering feels right and true.  Maybe I can combine those– offering prompts and space. I’m at the messy stage where it is unclear what will unfold, but –joy– now there is such trust in the unfolding! This is something I have learned. There is chaos for me before order, and then chaos again. But now that I know this is part of my process, I can embrace it. Chaos = progress. Huzzah!



My books just came.

My books, my real books just came. Not the proofs. Not proof #2 or #3 or #4.

My book is on Amazon.

This, for me, is beyond huge. Getting this work out into the world feels crucial, and yet, getting it out into the world means telling my story out loud.

Funny thing about this: folks say YAY! what’s your book about?

and I choke.

I am happy. I am sad. I am complicated and complex. This is a heart wrenching and yet cathartic and healing thing to do, to offer, to expose.


So. I am being gentle with myself, and hoping that the book finds its way into the hands that need it, and that my words, my journey, somehow offers solace to someone else.


manyfacesWhat if all of the pieces of you that feel disparate are actually part of a coherent whole right now?

What if this is about perception? Your perception about you? Mine about me?

What if I am my coalescing factor? What if the heart and soul of my work is the same no matter if it is a technical project or an artistic one? Can I shift from anxiously seeking a singularity, to embracing a coherent, multi-faceted identity?