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I believe this with all of my heart: we are beautiful, powerful, unique luminous beings.

We are shaped by our lives and histories, our breaks and bruises. But we also have the power to decide whether those histories and stories will limit us, or empower us.

This is about celebrating the beauty of our own mended selves, and honoring the miraculous fact that we are all multiply mended, and that life and love are messy and extraordinary and beautiful.

One part geek, one part creative sprite, I love connecting with others who fall outside the boundaries of easy definitions. I believe in the truly transformative and revolutionary power that we access when we are true to our truest selves. And I am on this journey too: all that I offer comes from living the ongoing adventure of exploring and expressing more and more of my true kateness.

As I express myself as a writer and an abstract artist, I bear compassionate witness to inner and outer landscapes- light and shadow, movement, nuance, simplicity and complexity. And when I am lucky, an essence, or a series of impressions, comes through me, into words, onto canvas.

As a coach, consultant, and workshop facilitator, I specialize in assisting creative individuals, coaches, and small companies explore their evolving identity and create strategies toward greater ease, resonance and satisfaction.

You:  Find yourself in transition and are willing to honor where you’ve been, explore where you are, and dream about where you want to go.

Me: A questioner, listener and sounding board, synthesizer, encourager, compassionate truth teller, benevolent and creative options maker.

Not sure if what I do will work for you? Invite me to lunch.

Want to know more about my work history and credentials? Contact me or check out my Linkedin profile.

For insider glimpses into what makes me, well, me, check out the testimonials page.


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